How to import safely from China?

For those not in China, successfully sourcing from China requires hard work and a systemic approach. It seems smarter to take shortcuts, but usually that can lead to delays or disastrous results. By following the 6 steps listed below, importers can avoid common mistakes and increase the chances of success when importing from China:

1. Do preparation

Many importers buying from China run into troubles because of unclear targets, unrealistic expectations and lack of quality control. Most companies that have successfully imported from China usually have their project prepared. The following are the factors that need to be planned out before placing your order: Read More

What does it mean if the product is certified?

Traders Easy Way supplies its customers with high quality products according to their requirements and budget for mutual benefeits and long term cooperation. The company supplies the products that have been certified. The purpose of certified product is to ensure that all products and services are safe, environmental friendly, reliable, durable and of the satisfying quality. Read More

Getting a reasonable price in China

It would seem quite easy to get a quotation from a China supplier. Tell them what you are looking for, provide related information and then you expect the supplier to give you quotation, shipping terms. However, there is really nothing to it for an accurate quotation.

To be realistic, things are much complex and trickier just like many other aspects of doing business in China. There are many reasons why buyers do not get accurate quotation from their short-listed suppliers. Read More

Meaning of CIF and FOB and their differences

These two popular business terms seem to be confusing among some people, let us clarify these terms in a simple and understandable way.If you have no clue what these terms are, this article will help you to understand these business terms.


FOB stands for Free on Board, and usually is an agreement between the buyer and supplier of products, under FOB agreement the supplier has to load the goods himself /herself on a ship and ship them to the buyer of the products. In this case, it is the duty of the supplier to clear the goods for export, and the cost as well as risk is clearly divided between the buyer and the supplier when the products are on the ship. In most cases, for FOB agreement, the details of the port and the ship have to be discussed and agreed by the buyer and the supplier of the goods. Read More

Buying Products in Small Quantities from China

Buying products in small quantities from China can be challenging to say the least. It’s hard to reach the minimum order quantities and product certification testing can cost thousands of dollars. Most factories and industries also tend to ignore small orders.

Small suppliers might accept that, however you might end with quality issues. Small Chinese suppliers may supply you the products that haven’t passed any quality tests and which are for the domestic Chinese market, such products are not good for your business. Be cautious on that! Read More