Chinese Factory Scams Target Foreigners

China’s manufacturing activity grew at the slowest pace in more than a year in August, with export orders shrinking for a fifth month and employers cutting more staff.

Sadly, the gloomy findings reinforce views that China’s economy will cool further in coming months, as the United States ramps up tariffs on Chinese goods. This declining Baltic Capesize Index(BCI) shows that economic stress on SME manufacturers in China continues to increase. Read More

Some tips about Alibaba

What is Alibaba? is a B2B (business-to-business) online platform allowing Chinese suppliers and international buyers to meet together. Alibaba websites account for over 60% of the parcels delivered in China and is a search engine for products made in China.

The company was founded by a Chinese entrepreneur called Jack Ma. Ma now serves as CEO of Alibaba Group. Alibaba, a China-based business-to-business marketplace website, currently serves more than 79 million suppliers and buyers from more than 240 countries. Read More

Hints about China – Very important

Chinese holidays and Festivals

Legal holidays in China are New Year (January 1st), a national one-day holiday; Spring Festival (New Year by the lunar calendar), a national three-day holiday; International Working Women’s Day (March 8th); Tree Planting Day (March 12th);

International Labor Day (May 1st), a national three-day holiday; Chinese Youth Festival (May 4th); International Children’s Day (June 1st); Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (“PLA”) (August 1st); Teacher’s Day (September 10th); and National Day (October 1st), a national three-day holiday.

All above mentioned festivals and holidays will never affect your Business Trip to China, except for Chinese Spring festival or Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year.

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Purchasing electronics from China

Why purchasing electronics from China is on the rise?

5 Crucial Reasons to buy Wholesale Electronics from China.China is one of the largest producer of electronic products in the world. China is also known to be the largest exporter of wholesale electronics at highly reasonable prices, which is the reason why various wholesalers  around the world prefer to buy wholesale electronics from China.

If you are one of the importers expecting to import electronic products, look no further, beyond electronics wholesale exporters in China, as the dealers from other places cannot simply match their prices. If you are looking for reasons to buy wholesale electronic items from China, here are the 4 of the most important ones. Read More

Importing products from China – top 5 tips

Tip 1: Don’t assume your Supplier knows what you are thinking about. Don’t assume they would know what a particular item should look like in a particular market. Don’t assume your supplier would do what you consider to be the right thing. The best way is to list bullet points and follow up the production process closely.

Tip 2: Keep professional, stay friendly and alert. It is not a matter of how large order you give them, most Chinese suppliers are in the dark as to how company cultures and professionalism work in other countries. For the most part, the things both parties care are totally different. Read More