TEW order process

TEW order process  begins with customer providing details of the products he/she wants to import from China.The customer’s inquiry needs to include specifications and photos of the products of interest, by doing that the sourcing process will be quick and reply can be provided within 48 hours. The order with no clear details tend to be delayed because of lack of enough information. Read More

Why you should trade with TEW

TEW serves as a bridge between overseas businesses and suppliers in China. Whenever you want to import from China either in small quantity or bulky goods, TEW provide you with a package of services to support you from supplier search to shipping and makes sure that what you order is what you get at reasonable costs.

TEW services to overseas buyers importing from China: Read More

How to request a quotation from TEW

Producing a quotation is not as easy as one might think. Considering the whole work involved in preparing a quotation, sometimes we tend to give priority to buyers who have partnership with us.

Some importers/buyers who do not provide much information for their order inquiries, the reply to their inquiries might be delayed. The reason to that is, we consider them as not serious buyers.  Read More

Don’t get fooled – payment fraud

Afraid of losing all your money when you’re importing from China?

You should be, and you’re not alone. Paying frauds are one of the most common forms of scam, and they are targeting small to medium sized businesses sourcing products on Alibaba.com. In the last few years, I’ve seen small importers losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in this type of scam.

We also had one of our customers telling us that, before she knew our company (Traders Easy Way) her money was stolen by a company that she believed was real in Shenzhen! She found that company on Alibaba, after she had sent the money to the company! There was no reply from them; later on she confirmed that was a scam. Read More