Don’t buy from reselling company

As we know China is a big country and now it has been proclaimed that, China is a largest second economy in the world, the USA being the leading one. The country economy is in booming state because of strong government policies in development and the presence of a large number of industries and factories.

Due to that, all businesses around the world have set their eyes on China for business purpose. However when it comes to buying or importing from China, there are some key factors that the buyer/importer has to consider: Read More

Some tips about Alibaba

What is Alibaba? is a B2B (business-to-business) online platform allowing Chinese suppliers and international buyers to meet together. Alibaba websites account for over 60% of the parcels delivered in China and is a search engine for products made in China.

The company was founded by a Chinese entrepreneur called Jack Ma. Ma now serves as CEO of Alibaba Group. Alibaba, a China-based business-to-business marketplace website, currently serves more than 79 million suppliers and buyers from more than 240 countries. Read More

Quality assurance and inspection

TEW assure to source, supply and export superior quality products to its customers. With proper coordination with manufacturers and our rich experience in marketing, TEW guarantee the supply of flawless products to its clients. To guarantee the quality of the products, Traders Easy Way deals with manufacturers whose products have been certified.

Manufacturer & Supplier management

Under our” The Quality Management System” .It’s our aim to make sure that customer’s standards, expectations and requirements are reached in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Read More

Sourcing and TEW quotation

Traders Easy Way (TEW) deals with products which are originally from Chinese manufacturers. China has a vast amount of products available on the market. TEW can source and find any kind of products depending on customers’ requirements. Due to TEW’s strict regulations in selecting manufacturers and factories, TEW deals and cooperate with manufacturers that provides the products of very satisfying qualities and with international standards.

China is an industrial country with many industries and factories .These industries and factories manufacture a wide varieties of goods .And these goods have a wide range of qualities and grades. Due to different qualities and grades, price varies accordingly. Read More

Purchasing electronics from China

Why purchasing electronics from China is on the rise?

5 Crucial Reasons to buy Wholesale Electronics from China.China is one of the largest producer of electronic products in the world. China is also known to be the largest exporter of wholesale electronics at highly reasonable prices, which is the reason why various wholesalers  around the world prefer to buy wholesale electronics from China.

If you are one of the importers expecting to import electronic products, look no further, beyond electronics wholesale exporters in China, as the dealers from other places cannot simply match their prices. If you are looking for reasons to buy wholesale electronic items from China, here are the 4 of the most important ones. Read More