Quality Control when buying from China

Traders Easy Way was established to help small businesses in third world countries to find reliable manufacturers in China. With years of experience in China, you can learn a lot from us especially when you interested in importing from China.

Why Quality Control is essential for all businesses importing from China and how you can deal with your supplier when things go wrong?

What exactly is Quality Assurance and what steps does it involve?

Quality Assurance (QA) is much broader than Quality Control (QC), which only consists of checking whether conformity is achieved. QA consists of all the steps that prevent quality problems from appearing. Here are the most important QA steps: Read More

Importing products from China – top 5 tips

Tip 1: Don’t assume your Supplier knows what you are thinking about. Don’t assume they would know what a particular item should look like in a particular market. Don’t assume your supplier would do what you consider to be the right thing. The best way is to list bullet points and follow up the production process closely.

Tip 2: Keep professional, stay friendly and alert. It is not a matter of how large order you give them, most Chinese suppliers are in the dark as to how company cultures and professionalism work in other countries. For the most part, the things both parties care are totally different. Read More

How to import safely from China?

For those not in China, successfully sourcing from China requires hard work and a systemic approach. It seems smarter to take shortcuts, but usually that can lead to delays or disastrous results. By following the 6 steps listed below, importers can avoid common mistakes and increase the chances of success when importing from China:

1. Do preparation

Many importers buying from China run into troubles because of unclear targets, unrealistic expectations and lack of quality control. Most companies that have successfully imported from China usually have their project prepared. The following are the factors that need to be planned out before placing your order: Read More

Getting a reasonable price in China

It would seem quite easy to get a quotation from a China supplier. Tell them what you are looking for, provide related information and then you expect the supplier to give you quotation, shipping terms. However, there is really nothing to it for an accurate quotation.

To be realistic, things are much complex and trickier just like many other aspects of doing business in China. There are many reasons why buyers do not get accurate quotation from their short-listed suppliers. Read More

Buying Products in Small Quantities from China

Buying products in small quantities from China can be challenging to say the least. It’s hard to reach the minimum order quantities and product certification testing can cost thousands of dollars. Most factories and industries also tend to ignore small orders.

Small suppliers might accept that, however you might end with quality issues. Small Chinese suppliers may supply you the products that haven’t passed any quality tests and which are for the domestic Chinese market, such products are not good for your business. Be cautious on that! Read More