Don’t buy from reselling company

Don’t buy from reselling company

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As we know China is a big country and now it has been proclaimed that, China is a largest second economy in the world, the USA being the leading one. The country economy is in booming state because of strong government policies in development and the presence of a large number of industries and factories.

Due to that, all businesses around the world have set their eyes on China for business purpose. However when it comes to buying or importing from China, there are some key factors that the buyer/importer has to consider:

Avoid buying from Reselling Companies when importing from China

When you decide to order without conducting some researches, you might order the products from reselling trading companies! The disadvantage of that is, you will pay higher price even two or three times than you are supposed to pay, and your business will make less profit. Therefore, you must consider this situation especially when you have planned to order the products in large quantity like 20” container from China.

Hire a quality inspector for your products

It’s very important to have a quality inspector when buying from China! First, products that are imported from China can’t be sent back to the factory if they are defective.

Second, the legal system is still difficult for most small buyers to navigate or go through. And Chinese suppliers know this – they very seldom compensate a customer for poor quality.

Third, a lot of “China issues” are actually due to miscommunication. Sending a fresh pair of eyes in the factory is a good way to catch mistakes before the goods are shipped out – and while the factory can still make corrections!

It’s our aim to make sure that customer’s standards, expectations and requirements are reached in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Our mutual understanding with Chinese manufacturers has led to fruitful results and harmonious cooperation. Traders Easy Way works shoulder to shoulder to supervise the production from the beginning to the end, in order to meet our client’s standards, expectations and requirements.

Therefore, to avoid miscommunication between the Chinese Manufacturers and the quality issues, Traders Easy Way is your last resort! Contact us if you need our help!