Hints about China – Very important

Hints about China – Very important

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Chinese holidays and Festivals

Legal holidays in China are New Year (January 1st), a national one-day holiday; Spring Festival (New Year by the lunar calendar), a national three-day holiday; International Working Women’s Day (March 8th); Tree Planting Day (March 12th);

International Labor Day (May 1st), a national three-day holiday; Chinese Youth Festival (May 4th); International Children’s Day (June 1st); Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (“PLA”) (August 1st); Teacher’s Day (September 10th); and National Day (October 1st), a national three-day holiday.

All above mentioned festivals and holidays will never affect your Business Trip to China, except for Chinese Spring festival or Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year.

Spring Festival

Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. The Chinese government has established a seven-day holiday around Spring Festival; It is a time when all family members get together, very much like Christmas in the West. Those living away from home, return home for this holiday, making it the busiest time for transportation systems for about a month. Airports, Railway Stations and long-distance bus stations are crowded with people returning home.

Government sectors and Private organizations and enterprises and factories won’t be working. Many entrepreneurs, business owners, shop owners will extend this vacation up to two weeks or longer. So it will be a big risk and wastage of both money and time to come during this period of the year. The first three days are crucial for travelers, as they are trying to get home.  Airports, railway stations and long-distance bus stations are crowded with people returning home. It’s really hard to get any ticket of any kind to travel around China. Most restaurants will be closed; few will be opened for few hrs during the day.

Advise for businessman and businesswomen; please know “when is the Chinese Spring festival! If you’ve already known when the Chinese Spring Festival is, then don’t come to china two weeks before the Festival begins and postpone to two weeks after the end of the Festival.

Be aware of


Chinese people have a long list in their menu; they eat almost everything that crawls, everything that flies, and everything that swims. These include insects, flies, small animals and big animals.

They eat what other majority never eat at all or don’t think about eating.

They even eat what other majority think it’s disgusting and weird

They even eat what other majority think its smells weird

All restaurants in china serve pork  or use pork oil as a cooking oil, with the exception of  Muslim Restaurants (Hallal), To avoid this ,eat in the Muslim Restaurants (Turkey and Xinjiang).

When ordering food in the restaurant, you should have the knowledge of what you what to eat. And you should have the knowledge of what the restaurant offers/serves you. Or your host should find the right food in the right restaurant.

Here are some of the few disgusting and weird menu list in some parts of china.

Frogs, dogs, snakes, fake food, snails, crocodiles, bats, stinking tofu, chickling eggs(eggs with embryo).


As Chinese Economy booming, it attracts people all over the world to come to china .What seemed to be like a good opportunity to come to china might turn to be a disaster.

When you are in crowded areas you should be aware of “Pick pockets”. Take Extra precautions, be suspicious if any stranger approaches you for a friendly talk especially a beautiful young lady (she might be trying to distract your attention while her teammate is working on you).

The trap you don’t want to fall in

If a beautiful Chinese lady approaches you, and trying to convince you, to have s*x with her for just a little money like 30 Yuan, 50 Yuan, 100 Yuan.

Then you should know “that is a Trap “She will take you to a nearby neighborhood, going deep into the street in a dark room, She will ask you to strip first and lying in bed with her, she will push your clothes on the floor, while under the bed, the teammate (man) will take everything that is valuable in your wallet and pockets and put the wallet back into your trousers. When this is done, the man will get out through the hole that is by the wall under the bed. And immediately give the signal call to the girl, the girl will pretend to go to the bathroom. You will never see her again. When you realize what have happened, it’s already too late.

When taking a taxi, you should take the “authorized taxi”. All the authorized taxies have meters that read what distance the taxi covers.

Try to avoid “Black Taxies” if possible: If you decide to take the black taxi (unauthorized taxi), then you should be familiar with the driver and negotiate the price in advance. Any misunderstanding between you and the driver, you will end up with unhappy ending. You should know that if you lose anything, the police won’t be able to help much.

Luggage and potters

Don’t let any potters around the corner to grab your luggage as he might run away with your valuable luggage or try to overcharge you after his service. Even if you accept the potter, make sure that you both agree on the price. In Chinese language there are some words sounds alike, you might think he said 10, but the fact is he said 40 or he might say 10 in the first place and later comes up with 40, because 10 and 40 sounds almost alike to many foreigners. (Tip) write on a piece of paper to how much you’ll pay or let him write how much he wants.

Chinese laws and regulations

Coming to china for a short stay for the first time is overwhelming experience. Chinese government and Chinese people welcome you.

Like any other countries, nobody is above the laws. So, to live or stay in china you must abide all Chinese laws and regulations. Some laws affect “your stay” directly.

You should stay or live in china under the “Valid Visa” and remember if your Visa has expired without your knowledge, you should immediately report to the Entry and Exit Division Police Bureau. If you turn in yourself, it will do you good than harm. The Entry and Exit Division might give you 24hrs to 7days visa to leave the country. How light or serious, will depend on how many days you’ve overstayed.

If you have overstayed for 1-3 days unintentionally and your purpose of your stay is clear (business), and then they will fine you (500yuan per day) and give you time to leave the country.

If you have overstayed intentionally for more than a month and the purpose of your stay is unclear. The Police will fine you 5,000yuan plus two weeks jail time before deporting you to where you came from, under escort.