Importing products from China – top 5 tips

Importing products from China – top 5 tips

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Tip 1: Don’t assume your Supplier knows what you are thinking about. Don’t assume they would know what a particular item should look like in a particular market. Don’t assume your supplier would do what you consider to be the right thing. The best way is to list bullet points and follow up the production process closely.

Tip 2: Keep professional, stay friendly and alert. It is not a matter of how large order you give them, most Chinese suppliers are in the dark as to how company cultures and professionalism work in other countries. For the most part, the things both parties care are totally different.

Tip 3: Don’t be legalistic and ask your Chinese suppliers to shoulder the responsibility for mistakes. If you change suppliers every time when there are errors, you’ll be changing suppliers faster than changing underwear. The supplier will make mistakes and the key point is to find a supplier that make very few mistakes and stick with them, see them through the problems as it will create loyalty and you can get more discounts basing on good relationship.

Tip 4: Make logistics your responsibility and ask your vendor to assist if possible. Some vendors do offer logistics but if placing logistics fully in their hands might distract them from the main thing. Let the supplier produce and you take the logistics for them.

Tip 5: Use the 3rd party to check the quality your goods, you can use Traders Easy Way in this case as you are not in China. Even if the factory promises to provide you photos of the production pictures, you might end up finding as if they take photos in the dark, drunk and upside down since some of them really do have trouble using camera. This will not work out, to have the 3rd party to check the quality of the goods is very crucial.

Tip 6: Don’t judge a supplier basing on a stock sample. A stock sample might have nothing to do with what they will do for your current order and the stock sample they sent you might be an old dusty piece off shelf for one or two years or several months ago.

If you assume and convince yourself that everything in China manufacturing is ok, a lot of things can go wrong. Don’t assume. If you are not in China, It is better to use someone you trust in China to supervise the whole manufacturing process from the production stage to packaging.

Traders Easy Way was established to handle all that and help oversee customers with their businesses when buying from Chinese manufacturers.