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Buying Products in Small Quantities from China

Buying products in small quantities from China can be challenging to say the least. It’s hard to reach the minimum order quantities and product certification testing can cost thousands of dollars. Most factories and industries also tend to ignore small orders.

Small suppliers might accept that, however you might end with quality issues. Small Chinese suppliers may supply you the products that haven’t passed any quality tests and which are for the domestic Chinese market, such products are not good for your business.Be cautious on that!

But that’s not all. The market is already crowded and even global corporations struggle to maintain decent profit margins. This article tries to analyze the factors that make the difference between success and failure when importing products in small volumes from China.


Why small volume importers still should buy from manufacturers ?

If you are running a small business, sometimes buying from a manufacturer can be troublesome because you can’t reach the required minimum order quantity requirements for the manufacturer. As we know, most manufacturers rarely have product in stock! Most of the time, the manufacturer do the production when they have an order, I mean a big order not just a small quantity of products.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy from manufacturers! Via Traders Easy Way, you can still buy a small quantity from the manufacturer.

Buying from the manufacturer via Traders Easy Way will ensure you the quality of your products and the availability of accessories in case you will face some problems with your products.Traders Easy Way also inspects the product on your behalf and make sure all your requirements are met before the products are shipped to you.




Products to avoid when buying small volumes from China

Some products are not good for small volume when importing from China. The products include electronics, toys, cosmetics and chemical products. While these products may still be possible to be purchased in Small quantity from small manufacturers. However, those products are usually manufactured by small Chinese supplier for the domestic Chinese market and are not compliant with international quality test standards, so be aware of that.



Perhaps you would also be interested in knowing what you can buy? While you’re a bit limited on a small budget, there are still plenty of products such as textiles, accessories, watches and home products that are not required to be in compliance with certification standards