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How to request for quotation from TEW (RFQ)?

Producing a quotation is not as easy as one might think. Considering the whole work involved in preparing a quotation, sometimes we tend to give priority to buyers who have partnership with us.

Some importers/buyers who do not provide much information for their order inquiries, the reply to their inquiries might be delayed.The reason to that is, we consider them as not serious buyers. 


Before you start sending out your inquiries to TEW, it’s a good idea to give us more information about what you want to import. This means that you must include the following in your inquiry and let us know in written form:

        Product specifications and main functions of the products (for equipment/machine)
        Your budget or price limit
        Quality (standard/top quality), TEW deal with manufacturing so you have option to discuss quality issue


Since TEW is an International Business Company specialized in sourcing, manufacturing and supplying. For customers with big orders, TEW usually select competitive Chinese manufacturers that can meet the customers’ budget and requirements for production. 

However for customers with small orders, TEW cooperates with them by sourcing directly from manufacturers with the requested products in stock. By sourcing directly from manufacturers, that’s the only way for TEW clients to get reasonable prices.

How to make TEW pay more attention to  your inquiries?

The following two facts will convince TEW team to work on your inquiries as quickly as possible and provide the quotation to you just in few days:

       Provide more details about your order with reference photos
       Let us know your budget
       A list of your products in excel or Microsoft word file



In most cases, most suppliers usually tend to ignore the inquiries that do not have clear information; they never bother even writing back to you because they categorize you as a scam or not a serious buyer.

If you have inquiries, send to our company email, iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .