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How to import safely from China?

For those not in China, successfully sourcing from China requires hard work and a systemic approach. It seems smarter to take shortcuts, but usually that can lead to delays or disastrous results. By following the 6 steps listed below, importers can avoid common mistakes and increase the chances of success when importing from China:

1. Do preparation

Many importers buying from China run into troubles because of unclear targets, unrealistic expectations and lack of quality control.Most companies that have successfully imported from China usually have their project prepared. The following are the factors that need to be planned out before placing your order:

First, make clear the ranges of products for sourcing basing on analysis of volume, logistics, technical aspects, etc.

Second, analyze cost target, volume ramp-up, sourcing project budget, etc.

Third, gather updated internal information about the products to be sourced such as product specifications, standards, etc.

Fourth, get a qualified company such as a sourcing agent in China to help you with sourcing process, supplier or manufacturer selection and verification, products inspection, organizing shipping and shipping documents preparation, etc. Traders Easy Way was established to help you with that, contact us today, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


 2. Identify your supplier

To finally sort out a short list of suppliers meeting the requirements, a buyer needs to do lots of investigation on potential manufacturers. Only several of them are qualified enough for further negotiations.

Their online websites do offer some information about the suppliers, but it is not enough to draw a conclusion about their actual capabilities.


You can try to contact the manufacturers by emails or by phone to gather more information from their sales representatives and evaluate the information offered. Being outside China, making international calls can be expensive and troublesome due to time different and language barriers. Traders Easy Way can assist you to verify your Chinese supplier and cut down your cost for international calls.


3. Select your supplier

Selecting a qualified supplier for your order is the most important step of the whole import process. Out of so many suppliers offering products similar to what you are looking for, you have to find the right candidate in term of production capacity, technical capabilities, service, and potential for growth and development.

To qualify a supplier need a lot of efforts, it can’t be done by phone calls or emails, it’s a physical process that might involve some of the following aspects:

Visiting a supplier office / factory

Evaluate every aspect of the supplier

Evaluate samples

Checking quality assurance

Production capacity


4. Supplier’s quotation

It seems easy to get a quotation, but it does require special attention for getting reliable pricing information. For example, a lot of Chinese suppliers are flooded with benchmark pricing request. In order to get quotation meeting your requirements when importing from China, it is better to do the following:

List all necessary technical requirements and standards for the products you want to import

Actively follow up the quotation process with frequent emails and phone calls, clarifying about uncertain points.

Click here to see the requirements of Traders Easy Way before sending your inquiries to us.We also have special requirements when dealing with inquiries.


5. First purchase order

Once the supplier is chosen and all the terms are agreed, it comes to the first purchase order. Before confirming the order, it’s very crucial to discuss shipping aspects, delivery time, price, payment methods and contract if possible.

To clear all that, if you are not in China you should hire the sourcing company like Traders Easy Way to put everything clear and avoid misunderstandings.

6. Inspect goods

Quality control is a safe way to import products from China, which does not mean you have to inspect every detail of every product; you just have to set up a well structured quality control system, followed by your representatives in China that you trust to inspect the goods during the production and after the production before shipping.

We strongly believe “Quality Control” and management of “import costs” begins before shortlisting a manufacturer. Therefore we designed the “360 Degree Strategic Sourcing Service” which uses several Quality Control methods to reduce import risks from China and cut import costs for your company. It includes finding and examining the manufacturers, price negotiations, cost-reduction, quality control and logistics management.