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Shipping in general

Usually we collect customers' cargoes and parcels from various cities in China and ship them from Shanghai, Guangzhou and Yiwu at competitive rates to most destinations. The shipping costs of your products by sea usually depend on the amount of cubic meters (CBM) the goods occupy on the ship. When shipping by sea, the costs are estimated according to the space the goods or cargoes take up on the ship in the container in term of CBM /cubic meters.Sometimes the weight may count if the cargoes are too heavy and exceed 1000kg.

A whole container for your goods alone either a 20 ft or a 40 ft container will be cheaper than a shared container. The shipping costs also vary depending on the destination the goods are heading as well as the shipping line used to that destination.

In most cases, once your goods have arrived at the respective destination, you will have to consult a shipping agent for port clearance so as to get your goods out at the port and pay port charges. If you are not familiar with that, don't crack your head, TEW can give you assistance with all that. 


What can we ship for you by sea

Electronic products and accessories,cars especially trucks and spare parts, home appliance, machineries and equipment,whole house for expats moving back home from China and any bulky purchase from China.

What can we ship for you by air

Packages or small cargoes of electronic products and accessories, automobile spare parts, shoes and garments, and other kind of products that are not very heavy and are not big in volume.

Approximated delivery time

Air cargoes take about 5 to 10 working days and sea cargoes about 21 to 45 days to arrive to the consignee destination.

Timely delivery

Time is money; we understand how important time factor is. It’s our duty to ensure our clients that all orders placed and consignments reach their destination just in time and undamaged.We have done many deliveries worldwide, and have never lost any cargo ever.

We provide you a full range of shipping services:
Cargo pick up in the whole China
Shipping documents preparation (Bill of lading, Airway Bill,etc)
Port / airport clearance support
Conduct control on every step and make sure your cargoes/parcels arrive on time
Provide tracking information for your cargoes/parcels

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