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TEW Retailers

There are many advantages if you choose to buy directly from manufacturers (the factories). However, buying products in small quantities from manufacturers can be challenging, you can’t reach the required minimum order quantity requirements of the manufacturers. Apart from that, products quality check and testing may cost thousands of dollars.Most factories also tend to ignore small orders. To help you go through this, we have introduced TEW retailing service.

This service allows our overseas customers to import goods from China in small quantities. Under this service,TEW customers visit & browse famous Chinese e-commerce websites and select the products they are interested in.After the selection, our customers may choose TEW to buy and ship the goods for them, pay only or just ship the goods. Specifically, TEW retailing service assists the retailers to buy from Chinese e-commerce websites and ship the goods to them respectively.

We can accept payment by Paypal, Western Union or bank to bank transfer to TEW bank account or other ways that are convenient for you. For more information, send your inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , we will be happy to help you.

What are the most famous Chinese e-commerce websites? To answer this question, we give you a complete list of those websites. If you are fond of online shopping and would like to buy from China in small volume, browse the websites and if you find products that interest you, just let us know. Some of these websites are in Chinese, don't worry about that, we can help you with Chinese langauge.

Famous e-commerce websites for you to do selection!

Taobao is a consumer to consumer e-commerce website,has almost everything you need.It's in Chinese  www.suning.com    






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