Packaging products

Packaging products

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For the goods which are to be shipped internationally, must be packed well so that they arrive at the destination undamaged and in good condition.

We remind the customers to pack their products well before passing them to TEW for shipping.TEW is not responsible for packaging any products especially the products which were not sourced by us. In case the products arrive at the destination broken or damaged due to poor packaging, TEW will not be responsible.

Some products which are fragile must be well packed and enclosed in a wooden frame or wooden cage, if you don’t know how to do that, TEW can do packaging for you at affordable costs. The packaging charges depend on the type of products and CBM (cubic meters) of the cargo the wood as well or the boxes needed.

To make sure that your cargo arrives to its final destination in a good sate as received by us, we offer professional packaging services for all types of products that need repackaging.

It doesn’t matter your goods are delivered to us from an online store to our offices or dropping your cargo to us in person, we check its original packaging and if necessary repack it to ensure its safety.

Make sure you label your shipment/cargo with the following details with a marker pen before sending to TEW for shipping, if you do not do that, when we receive we will not be able to ship it.

  • Cargo (goods) receiver’s name and phone number
  • Mode of shipping, specify if it’s by air or sea
  • Destination, specify the destination, e.g.Burundi- Bujumbura, Tanzania-Dar-es-salaam, etc.
  • Specify clearly what goods are in the package