Quality assurance and inspection

Quality assurance and inspection

TEW assure to source, supply and export superior quality products to its customers. With proper coordination with manufacturers and our rich experience in marketing, TEW guarantee the supply of flawless products to its clients. To guarantee the quality of the products, Traders Easy Way deals with manufacturers whose products have been certified.

Manufacturer & Supplier management

Under our” The Quality Management System” .It’s our aim to make sure that customer’s standards, expectations and requirements are reached in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Our mutual understanding with our manufacturers has led to fruitful results and harmonious cooperation. TEW works shoulder to shoulder to supervise the production from the beginning to the end, in order to meet our client’s standards, expectations and requirements.

Our manufacturer provides the first sample to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

TEW team checks and analyze the sample to match the original requirements and specifications of our client.

The Client gets the sample, if satisfied, the production will commence. If he or she is not satisfied, the new sample will be prepared to meet the new changes.

TEW quality assurance procedures

To every order from our clients, TEW have 5-6 steps for quality assurance so as to make sure that your goods are well monitored and the quality is under control before shipping.


TEW sourcing and manufacturing departments make sure that the products that are sourced or manufactured are of good quality and are eco-friendly. By that, we guarantee our customers with a good supply of products with high quality and with an ISO. To ensure quality to our customers, we also provide test report for our goods by using reputable company such as SGS to check the quality and integrity of the products just before shipping. The report can be provided to customers for reference.

If the customers are concerned about the reliability of manufacturers, TEW will provides customers with manufacturer’s verification in detail, to let them know a manufacturer’s production and trading capabilities.

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