Sourcing and TEW quotation

Sourcing and TEW quotation

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Traders Easy Way (TEW) deals with products which are originally from Chinese manufacturers. China has a vast amount of products available on the market. TEW can source and find any kind of products depending on customers’ requirements. Due to TEW’s strict regulations in selecting manufacturers and factories, TEW deals and cooperate with manufacturers that provides the products of very satisfying qualities and with international standards.

China is an industrial country with many industries and factories .These industries and factories manufacture a wide varieties of goods .And these goods have a wide range of qualities and grades. Due to different qualities and grades, price varies accordingly.

How request a quotation from TEW?

Before you start sending out your inquiries to TEW, it’s a good idea to give us more information about what you want to import. This means that you must include the following in your inquiry and let us know in written form :

  1. Product specifications and main functions of the products (for equipment/machine,etc)
  2. If you have your product design, send us photos and related information
  3. State if you want them be shipped by sea or air

So, Traders Easy Way pays attention to customer’s inquiries (requirements and specifications) before sourcing. These inquiries will be forwarded to the manufacturers. After receiving the required information from the manufacturers, TEW will send the quotations of the lowest possible price to its customers with all specifications included.

After the customer to decide on his /her final review, then he or she can place an order according to the available methods. Our customers can place his/her orders either online through our website or sending email to

Our sourcing service can be free of charge or require payment depending on the order and other factors. Traders Easy Way works with both Customers with specifications and Customers with no specifications.

Customers with specifications

What do we mean by customers with specifications, here, what we mean is that this customer knows exactly what kind of goods and specifications he/she wants. The advantage of this customer is that his/her orders will be processed within a short period of time.

 Customers with no specifications

What do we mean by customers with no specifications, here, what we mean is that this customer knows what kind of goods he/she wants but doesn’t know exactly what kind of specifications he/she needs. The disadvantage of this customer is that his /her orders will only follow after the sourcing process is completed.

Need a price quote or a catalog from TEW? click here and tell us what goods you want.