TEW mission and services

TEW mission and services

TEW Company missions

of the missions of Traders Easy Way (TEW) is to promote Chinese products and to create business opportunities worldwide especially for the traders of the Third World Countries’ .Traders of both small-scale and large-scale are welcomed to cooperate with us. TEW focuses on delivering values by promoting trade in goods and services while connecting the small and medium-sized enterprises through competitive Chinese manufacturers.

In striving to be the best Trade Promotion Company in the World, TEW is committed to:

  • Creating and delivering value to its clients
  • Serving and supplying high quality products to its clients
  • Building on Third World Countries’ economic success by promoting small-scale and large-scale traders
  • Maintaining trust, respect , openness and transparency in all our business relationship

TEW Services

To reveal the benefits of mutual relationship with the customers, Traders Easy Way interprets customer’s business as part of its mission.To easy and fasten the trading process, TEW provides its customers with the following services, ranging from sourcing to shipping:

  • Sourcing – suitable supplier serach,  products’ lowest possible prices with satisfying quality.
  • Supplying – shortest possible shipping time by sea or air (DHL, EMS, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, normal air cargo and  sea shipping)

We also provide the following services to enhance souricing and supplying:

  • Checking your  supplier legality&ability – if you are not able to come to China
  • Price negotiations with your supplier – depend on customer budget
  • Paying your Chinese supplier (if needed)
  • On site inspections&Products quality check
  • Warehouse services